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JAMS provides the most comprehensive Rx supply solution available in today's most demanding industry. We meet and exceed the challenge for our business partners.


At JAMS, customers receive premier customer service based on their best interests. All representatives are trained to focus on the unique needs and preferences of every client while establishing a relationship built on trust, rapport, and impeccable service.


As industry leaders for over twenty-five years, JAMS has accumulated irreplaceable familiarity and valuable relationships in the market. Their group of specialists is comprised of certified designated representatives, compliance managers, and support staff, all of whom are experts in the field.


The JAMS climate-controlled distribution center, located in Florida, is fully stocked with the highest-quality generics on the market. Customers are supplied with superior pharmaceuticals purchased from Authorized Distributors of Record (ADRs) and directly from the manufacturer.


In full compliance with all VAWD criteria, the JAMS compliance team ensures that every order is filled and delivered quickly and accurately. Customers are given unrestricted access to traceability documentation for client confidence and full accountability.


Every customer is presented with the best products at the best possible value, despite the unpredictable nature of the generic market. A team of skilled representatives works tirelessly to supply our customers with the prescription drugs they need at the price they want, resulting in substantial savings.


Pharmaceutical distribution is a sensitive industry, and your information is safe with JAMS’s highest degree of security and professionalism. Every aspect of ordering and distribution is completely secure with industry-leading protocol.


Customers are treated as people, not numbers; they’re given signature personal style by customer service representatives who are real people – not automated voices – and fill orders promptly for unbeatable convenience. Enjoy overnight delivery and free shipping with a low minimum purchase.

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